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November 2012


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YAPI Performers

November 2012 –  3 Acts (2 Performers)

Age 12 and Under  

Silas Hatcher, 12 – Played electric guitar and sang
Agusta Snipes, 11 – Sang a cappella (Many originals!!!!!!!)
Silas & Agusta – sang together and separately accompanied by Silas on electric guitar

Age 13-19

No performers in this age group this month

November YAPI News and Notes

November YAPI started out not looking so good.  There was no one there from 6:00 – 7:00.  But, at 7:00 Silas Hatcher and Agusta Snipes showed up for their second YAPI appearance and it turned out to be a fun  time as they took turns performing alone and together.  It was an opportunity for them to work on their performance and stage presence with only a few people in the audience.  So, even though not many showed up for YAPI, it was still worthwhile to provide the opportunity for Silas and Agusta. 

Agusta really has a style to her singing for as young as she is.  She is also writing a lot which is exciting to hear!  Silas really loosened up and sang and played a number of songs.  It was fun to see the two of them experiment with performing and just have fun using a sound system.    

Thank you to Reva, Silas’ mom for helping with the sound system.  A great big “thank you” to DuAnne Redus, owner of Maui Wowi, for supporting YAPI.  It’s nice to have an appropriate venue for YAPI.   Maui Wowi stays open later just for YAPI

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The next YAPI will be the first Thursday in December, December 6th.  Thanks for your support of this community event that serves youth.

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Silas Hatcher (Age 12)

Agusta Snipes (Age 11)

Agusta Snipes (Age 11) &
Silas Hatcher (Age 12)

Agusta Snipes (Age 11) &
Silas Hatcher (Age 12)