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October 2010


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YAPI Performers

October 2010 – 7 Acts (6 Performers)

Age 12 and Under
Rory Hancock, 12 – Accompanied his sister, Katy Fachorn, on guitar
Alanna Fisher, 12  - Sang and accompanied herself on guitar

Age 13-19
Katy Fachorn, 15 – Sang songs and accompanied herself on guitar, and sang accompanied by her brother, Rory Hancock, on guitar
Morning Glory – Mary Snyder, 15 and Mackenzie Young, 15 – Sang songs together accompanied by Mackenzie on guitar (some original material)
Natalie Shanklin, 14 – Sang songs and accompanied herself on piano 
Nicole Green, 15 – Sang and accompanied herself on piano (all original material!!!)

October YAPI News and Notes

The number of YAPI regulars is growing! This month Nicole Green returned singing and playing her original material. It is amazing how prolific this young woman is. Katy and Rory are always entertaining and they are growing as entertainers with each YAPI performance. Katy’s voice is beautiful and Rory’s playing compliments it well! Morning Glory is getting quite a repertoire of songs together including some originals. These girls harmonize really well together.

It’s always fun when people who have performed at YAPI in the past come back! Natalie Shanklin had not performed for a couple of years so it was great to have her back and hear how she had grown in all areas. Her voice is something not to be missed! Alanna Fisher also came back this month so it was great to hear her again. She’s a little shy and YAPI is a great opportunity to gain confidence and overcome shyness on stage.

I invite everyone back to the next YAPI, the first Thursday in November, November 4th!  Let’s try to keep this level of participation going!  It makes it more fun for everyone involved, and I’d like to serve as many Wimberley area youth as possible with this unique monthly community service event for youth.

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Alanna Fisher (Age 12)
Katy Fachorn  (Age 15)

Morning Glory
Mary Snyder (Age 15) &
Mackenzie Young (Age 15)
Natalie Shanklin  (Age 14)

Katy Fachorn  (Age 15) &
Rory Hancock (Age 12)

Nicole Green  (Age 15)