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September 2010


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YAPI Performers

September 2010 – 8 Acts (9 Performers)

Age 12 and Under
Rory Hancock, 12 – Played songs on ukulele and accompanied his sister, Katy Fachorn, on guitar and piano                                                                                            

Age 13-19
Aaron Van Nostrand, 13 – Sang songs and accompanied himself on piano
Samantha Hofstad-Lee, 16 – Sang songs and accompanied herself on guitar
Nicole Green, 15 – Played an original piano solo and sang and accompanied herself on piano (all original material!!!)                                                                                            
Katy Fachorn, 15 – Sang songs accompanied by her brother, Rory Hancock, on guitar and also on piano                                                                                                           
Morning Glory – Mary Snyder, 15 and Mackenzie Young, 14 – Sang songs together accompanied by Mackenzie on guitar (some original  material)                                                                                                               
Katie Crellin, 13 – Sang songs and accompanied herself on guitar

September YAPI News and Notes                                                                                          

What a great way to start off the 2010 Fall YAPI season!  We had such a great turnout thanks to
the wonderful articles Melissa Gilmere published in the Spring/Summer Welcome to Wimberley Guide published by the Hill Country Sun AND the August issue of the Hill Country Sun!  Thanks so much, Melissa! 

Aaron Van Nostrand was one of the YAPI newcomers who came because of the articles.  He did a great job of singing and accompanying himself on piano.  Other performers new to the YAPI stage were Samantha Hofstad-Lee, Nicole Green, and Katie Crellin.  They all did a fine job.  Samantha sang and played guitar with the poise of a pro.  Nicole was unique at this YAPI because she performed all original material, and let me tell ya folks, watch out for this talent!  The songs were great!  Katie did not add her name to the list until the end but we were real glad she did!  She was a little shy but she did a nice job.  That’s the beauty of YAPI.  These young people are inspired by their peers as was evidenced by the guitar being passed around because some people did not come prepared to perform.  Katie was one of those who became inspired and borrowed a guitar to perform.  Thanks to the people who shared their guitars so their peers could perform. 

Sometimes people get up and perform and then return to the stage after everyone else has had their turn because they feel more confident the second time around, or they just want the opportunity for more practice performing in front of an audience. We encourage that at YAPI. Morning Glory who are just glowing on stage and whose harmonies are getting stronger and stronger actually repeated a song later in the evening because they thought they could do it better the second time around. Rory Hancock and his sister, Katy Fachorn, were simply fearless. It was great that they felt so comfortable at YAPI to do some experimentation and perform some songs they were working on. In addition to accompa nying Katy on piano and guitar, Rory played some great ukulele songs. He’s quite the multi-instrumentalist at the age of twelve! This was their second YAPI and Katy’s beautiful voice is sounding more and more confident.

Following YAPI, Morning Glory told me they had been to another open mic in San Marcos.  They shared how much nicer it was to perform at YAPI because the audience is smiling and enjoying everyone.   That’s our goal: to create a safe and supportive performance opportunity. 

I invite everyone back to the next YAPI, the first Thursday in October, October  7th!  We’re on a roll now!

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Rory Hancock (Age 12)
Katy Fachorn  (Age 15) &
Rory Hancock (Age 12)

Katy Fachorn  (Age 15) &
Rory Hancock (Age 12)
Aaron Van Nostrand  (Age 13)

Katie Crellin (Age 13)
Nicole Green  (Age 15)

Morning Glory
Mary Snyder (Age 15) &
Mackenzie Young (Age 14)

Samantha Hofstad-Lee  (Age 16)