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August 2011


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YAPI Performers

August 2011 – 3 Acts (2 Performers)

Age 12 and Under
August YAPI had no performers in this age group.

Age 13-19
Kendall Dane, 17 – Sang and accompanied himself on guitar and sang and accompanied himself on piano.
Aaron Van Nostrand, 14 – Sang and accompanied himself on piano.                                           

October YAPI News and Notes

Thank you to Kendall Dane and Aaron Van Nostrand for participating in the August YAPI performance opportunity.  It was a great evening, even though we only had 2 performers.  Both of these performers have quite a repertoire and they both sounded great.  We always welcome Kendall back who attended every YAPI for a year or more before getting very involved in some other school activities.  However, he says now he intends on participating in YAPI more often in preparation for getting some actual performing gigs.  Aaron is becoming quite the performer, performing at other local events as well.

If you’re reading this, please go to YAPI Young Artist Performance Incubator on Facebook and “Like”.  Kendall Dane has volunteered to try to increase public awareness of YAPI by getting more fans from his peer group to participate and to “Like” YAPI on Facebook.  Thank you, Kendall.

Everyone is invited back to the next YAPI, the first Thursday in September, September 1st.   We look forward to another great YAPI season. 

We’re very grateful to  owner, DuAnne Redus, for allowing Maui Wowi to be the host venue for YAPI. 

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Search for YAPI Young Artist Performance Incubator on Facebook and “Like” YAPI and become a Fan of YAPI on Facebook.

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