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May 2013


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YAPI Performers

May 2013 – 7 Acts (4 Performers)

Age 12 and Under  

Meghan Wolff – Played piano solos and a duet with her sister
Meghan & Lauren Wolff – Sang a duet a cappella

Age 13-19

Lauren Wolff, 17 – Played guitar and sang
Natalie Shanklin, 17 – Played guitar and sang
Abby Wetzel, 17 – Played guitar and sang
Natalie & Lauren – Sang together with harmony accompanied by Lauren on guitar
Summer Avenue – Natalie & Abby, Sang together with harmony accompanied by Natalie on piano and Abby on piano

May YAPI News and Notes

What a great way to close out the YAPI spring season with three teenage performers who are becoming quite “seasoned” and one 10 year old performer.

Natalie Shanklin, Abby Wetzel and Lauren Wolff have been performing at YAPI fairly regularly for the past 3 years.  It is quite inspiring to watch them grow into such poised performers.  Meghan Wolff sang at YAPI for the first time and it is clear that she will be following in their footsteps.  So May was a YAPI of strong female voices, each with their own unique style, yet when they sang harmony in duos together the blend was beautiful.  It was amazing.  I hope anyone reading this will get the chance to hear these young performers some time! 

Lauren is a huge Taylor Swift fan and sings her songs with her own style.  It’s really great.  Natalie and Abby performed material they had written individually as well as material they had co-written.  Their songwriting is just impressive!  And Meghan!  Well, let’s just say she has been holding back.  She has played violin at YAPI but this time we had the pleasure of hearing her voice when she sang a duet with Lauren a cappella, and what a great young voice! 

So, it was a wonderful evening of friends sharing their music with each other.  Fantastic! 

Thanks to Natalie for bringing here piano to share with YAPI.  The fundraising for a new YAPI piano continues.  There is now $129 in the YAPI piano fund.  Not bad at all for one month of fundraising, and the fundraising will continue until we reach the goal of $600.  I’m not ready to lower the bar and get a less costly piano, which is a possibility, so let the fundraising continue.

This year there will be a Young Artist Performance Incubator at the Kerrville Folk Festival for the first time!  It will be held Saturday, June 1, 1pm-3pm.  The performers age 18 and under coming from outside the festival will get in free but the required accompanying parent or guardian for the 17 and under people will need to buy a day ticket.  For that ticket, the youth get to participate in YAPI and both people get to enjoy all the performances that day.  Youth who are camping in the campground can participate for free and anyone in the campground can attend for free as well.  It’ll be fun!

Thanks to everyone who helped with the sound equipment at May YAPI.  Many people helped and it was greatly appreciated.  A great big “thank you” to DuAnne Redus, owner of Maui Wowi, for being so supportive and for providing an appropriate venue supporting YAPI since 2006!  Also, thanks to Maui Wowi  barista, Donna, for being so supportive!

If you’re reading this, please go www.facebook.com/YAPITexas  and “LIKE”  

The next YAPI at Maui Wowi will be the first Thursday in August , August 1 so mark your calendars!  I look forward to hearing all the new material learned and written over the summer!

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Natalie Shanklin(Age 17)

Meghan Wolff (Age 10) &
Lauren Wolff (Age 17)

Meghan Wolff (Age 10)


Natalie Shanklin(Age 17) &
Abby Wetzel (Age 17)



Lauren Wolff (Age 17)

Meghan Wolff (Age 10) &
Lauren Wolff (Age 17)

Abby Wetzel (Age 17