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May 2011


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YAPI Performers

May 2011 – 9 Acts (10 Performers)

Age 12 and Under
Demetri Hendry, 10 – Played piano solos
Arianna, 8 – Played violin with Jasmine and played a violin solo
Jasmine, 8 – Played violin with Arianna and played a violin solo

Age 13-19
Katy Fachorn, 16 – Sang and accompanied herself on guitar and sang while being accompanied by Rory Hancock on guitar (some original material!!!!)
Rory Hancock, 13 & Parker Crowley, 16 – Together they sang and played guitar
Abigail Wetzel, 15 – Sang and accompanied herself on guitar, and sang and accompanied herself on piano (some original material!!!!)
Clinton Quinn, 15 – Played electric guitar solos
Natalie Shanklin, 15 – Played piano solos and sang and accompanied herself on piano
Alex Aston, 16 – Played electric guitar solos and sang and accompanied himself on guitar (mostly original material!!!)

May YAPI News and Notes

What a wonderful way to end the 2011 winter/spring YAPI season with so many great performers! It was great to have Arianna and Jasmine back with their violins. We had not seen them perform at YAPI since 2009! They came prepared with a set list and did a great job on the songs they played together, but their solos were remarkable. Demetri did a fantastic job on his piano solos. He's quite the performer. It was nice to have 3 participants in the 12 and under group. Demetri had been the only one performing in that group for a while.

In the 13-19 age group, it was great to have Clinton Quinn back. He had not performed at YAPI since April 2008! What a treat to hear his amazing progress on electric guitar. He informed us that he has now put together a band! Alex Aston also performed electric guitar solos and most of his material was original. Alex has quite a knack for composing. He rocks! Rory and Parker came prepared with a set list and their performance was great. Rory is singing more and more! Katy Fachorn sang some of her originals again. She must be getting quite a list of original material together as well. What a voice! Natalie Shanklin brought her voice back to YAPI and did a dynamite performance, accompanying herself on piano. Abigail Wetzel brought her expressive singing back to YAPI and she, too must be getting quite a list of original material together! These three young ladies, Katy, Natalie and Abigail are all rising stars. Actually, all the performers who performed in the 13-19 age category are on their way to performing professionally if they choose. Some are already getting invited to do other gigs!

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Everyone is invited back to the next YAPI, the first Thursday in August, August 4th. May was the last YAPI hosted by Brenda until August due to summer conflicts, but we look forward to hearing everyone in the fall after a summer of rehearsal and growth!

We're very grateful to owner, DuAnne Redus for allowing Maui Wowi to be the host venue for YAPI.

Thanks for your ongoing support of this unique YAPI monthly community service event which has been serving Wimberley area youth since 2003!  

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Rory Hancock (Age 13) &
Katy Fachorn  (Age 16)
Rory Hancock (Age 13) &
Parker Crowley (Age 16)

Natalie Shanklin(Age 15) &
Abigail Wetzel (Age 15)


Natalie Shanklin (Age 15)
Katy Fachorn (Age 16)

Arianna (Age 8) &
Jasmine (Age 8)


Clinton Quinn (Age 15)
Alex Aston (Age 16)

Abigail Wetzel (Age 15)