YAPI Performers
May 2010


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YAPI Performers

May 2010 – 2 Acts (3 Performers)

Age 12 and Under

Alanna Fisher, 11 – Sang songs and accompanied herself on guitar

Age 13-19

Morning Glory – Mary Snyder, 14 and Mackenzie Young, 15 – Sang songs together accompanied by Mackenzie on guitar (some original material)
May YAPI News and Notes

We welcomed first timer Alanna Fisher who did a great job singing and playing the guitar.  She sang each song twice and got braver the second time around.  That is the wonderful thing about YAPI: performers really get to practice their skills in a performance setting with a supportive audience, especially when it is a slow night.  At YAPI we encourage performers to repeat their songs so that their confidence can grow.  We hope to hear more from Alanna in the future. 
Morning Glory has been performing regularly at YAPI.  This night was special because they performed some original material for the first time and it was fantastic!  The duo had performed at the Old Settler’s Music Festival in the Young Artist Competition and had a great experience there.  It was apparent that they have caught the performing bug and they are on their way!

YAPI will be taking a break for the summer and will resume the first Thursday in September, September 2nd. 

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Mary Snyder (Age 14)
& Mackenzie Young (Age 15)

Alanna Fisher  (Age 11)