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March 2013


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YAPI Performers

March 2013 – 6 Acts ( 5 Performers)

Age 12 and Under  

No performers in this age group at March YAPI

Age 13-19

Kenna & Karlen Thompson, 13 & 15 – Sang together accompanied by Karlen on guitar
Kenna Thompson, 13 – Sang songs accompanied by Brenda Freed on piano
Savanna Sultemeier, 16 – Played ukulele and sang, and played piano and sang
Breanna Granger, 15 – Sang a cappella
Casey Fleischmann, 15 – Sang with Karlen & Kenna accompanied by Karlen on guitar
Savanna Sultemeier & Kenna Thompson – Sang accompanied by Karlen on guitar and Savanna on ukulele

March YAPI News and Notes

It’s a good thing the YAPI community reaches beyond Wimberley, TX because all the participants at March YAPI were from Johnson City!  Oh, and here’s news: Not only is YAPI reaching out to other communities.  This year there will be a Young Artist Performance Incubator at the Kerrville Folk Festival!  The performers, age 18 and under, will get in free but the required accompanying parent or guardian for the 17 and under people will need to buy a day ticket.  For that ticket, the youth get to participate and both people get to enjoy all the performances that day.  It’s highly likely that it might be on a Saturday which means there will many performances to see.  If you’d like to participate in the Kerrville Folk Festival YAPI event, contact Brenda.

So  yeah, I’m grateful to all the Johnson City participants at March YAPI.  It was a really fun night.  Kenna Thompson, who is a singer, performed at February YAPI but all the others were YAPI newcomers.  Thank you Kenna, for bringing your family and friends!  The participants felt safe and were doing a lot of experimenting; finding songs groups of them knew and then performing them together.  It will be fun to see what they prepare for next month because they all said they were coming back. 

I think that is the coolest thing about YAPI – the spontaneity that leads to such inspiration.  Thanks so much to everyone who supports this community service event that seeks to support area youth.  Thanks for bringing youth to the event and thanks for helping to spread the YAPI word. 

Thanks to everyone who helped with the sound equipment.  A great big “thank you” to DuAnne Redus, owner of Maui Wowi, for being so supportive and for providing an appropriate venue supporting YAPI since 2006! 

If you’re reading this, please go www.facebook.com/YAPITexas  and “LIKE”  

The next YAPI will be the first Thursday in April, April 4.

Contact Information


Brenda Freed / BFreed Records
Email: bfreed1@earthlink.net
P.O. Box 1856
Blanco, TX 78606

Office Phone: 830-644-2351
Mobile Phone: 512-426-0301

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Savanna Sultemeier (Age 16)

Kenna Thompson (Age 13)

Savanna Sultemeier (Age 16)


Kenna Thompson (Age 13)
& Karlen Thompson (Age 15)


Karlen Thompson (Age 15),
& Savanna Sultemeier (Age 16)

Kenna Thompson (Age 13),
Karlen Thompson (Age 15),
& Casey Fleischmann (Age 15)

Breanna Granger
(Age 15)

      Performing but not pictured: Anna Beliveau & Kenna Thompson