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March 2012


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YAPI Performers

March 2012 – 2 Acts (2 Performers)

Age 12 and Under

Bela & Katherine (both 9) – Played piano duets and sang a cappella                                                                                                                                                                                                                        

Age 13-19

There were no March YAPI participants in this age group                          

March YAPI News and Notes

The only March YAPI participants were two nine year old girls; Bela & Katherine.  They had both attended February YAPI, but had only watched.  Their plan was to watch again this time, but since no one else was there to participate, they decided it was a good time to give it a try.  First, they played a few songs on the piano and then they sang together a cappella.  They sang a song with two parts and they traded the parts back and forth.  The audience really enjoyed them and encouraged them to keep singing.  Each time they sang the song, they relaxed and sang out more and more.  These girls have voices like angels and we look forward to them coming back when other YAPI performers can hear them! 

That is the way YAPI works.  It was so worthwhile for those two young girls to be able to perform for the first time without a lot of peers around.  The next time they come to YAPI and there are sure to be more performers there, they will feel more confident and brave from having the March YAPI experience.

Over the years, a few other performers have had the same experience – being the only performers on their first night performing at YAPI.  Those performers have become YAPI regulars and some are even performing real gigs now!  So, even the YAPI events that are “slow” are still serving a purpose.  And, that’s why YAPI events continue to be offered.

Thank you to DuAnne Redus, owner of Maui Wowi, for staying open the extra hour and a half on YAPI nights!  Please come and enjoy the YAPI entertainment along with a coffee, smoothie or snack.   It’s nice to have an appropriate venue for YAPI so your support of Maui Wowi is greatly appreciated!  

If there are any young writers out there who would like to be the YAPI reporter and write  an article for the school paper, Wimberley paper, or write the YAPI News & Notes for the website or the YAPI Facebook page, please speak up!  Also, a young YAPI photographer would be welcomed!  Just contact Brenda Freed if you are interested at BFreed1@earthlink.net with YAPI in the subject. 

If you’re reading this, please go to YAPI Young Artist Performance Incubator Facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/YAPItexas   and “Like

Everyone is invited back to the next YAPI, the first Thursday in April, April 5th.. 

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Bela (Age 9 &
Katherine (Age 9)

Bela (Age 9 &
Katherine (Age 9)