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March 2011


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YAPI Performers

March 2011 – 8 Acts (8 Performers)

Age 12 and Under
Hunter, 12 & Colin, 13 – Played guitars and sang  (original material)

Age 13-19
Katy Fachorn, 16 – Sang and accompanied herself on guitar solo and as a duo with Rory Hancock playing lead guitar and singing backup (mostly original material!!!!)
Rory Hancock, 13 – Sang and accompanied himself on guitar, and accompanied Katy Fachorn and Parker Crowley
Alex Aston – Played guitar solos (all original material!!!!)
Hunter, 12 & Colin, 13 – Played guitars and sang (all original material!!!!)
Parker Crowley – Played guitar and sang
Aaron Van Nostrand – Played piano and sang
Aaron Allsbrook – Played piano, (all original material!!!!)

March YAPI News and Notes

The big news is that YAPI is now on Facebook!  So if you are reading this, please go search for YAPI Young Artist Performance Incubator on Facebook and “Like” and become a “Fan”! 

After having to cancel February YAPI due to icey road conditions (in Texas!!), March YAPI was GREAT with return performances from regulars and people we had not seen for a while, as well as some new performers.  Almost all of the  performers were in the 13-19 age category.  Please spread the word that younger YAPI performers are welcome!  We support all levels of performers!

Katy Fachorn and Rory Hancock kicked us off with Rory on guitar accompanying sister Katy who sang.  This brother/sister duo had just played their first gig for a local fundraiser and one could tell they had definitely raised their bar!  Katy also performed solo singing mostly original material. What a voice!

Aaron Van Nostrand, who is becoming a YAPI regular, played piano and sang.  He had just won a competition for young performers in San Marcos so congratulations to Aaron!  We welcomed Alex Aston back and he announced his new demo CD of all original material!  Alex has been performing his original groovy guitar material at YAPI off and on for a few years now.

It was Hunter and Colin’s first YAPI appearance and they performed one original song.  We’re hoping they come back and do more.  It was also the first YAPI performance for Parker Crowley and Aaron Allsbrook.  Parker sang and played guitar and was joined by Rory on guitar as well.  Aaron played all original piano compositions.  The original material of these young performers is not to be missed! 
I have invited these young songwriters to submit some of their lyrics to post on the site to share with people who visit the site.  I hope to get some lyrics submitted because some of the lines are GREAT!  

Special thanks to Katy and Rory’s mom, Adrienne Evans, and all the youth that help with the sound equipment!!!  It makes YAPI so much easier!    

Everyone is invited back to the next YAPI, the first Thursday in April, April 7th. Let’s try to keep this level of participation going throughout 2011!  It makes it more fun for everyone involved, and the goal is to serve as many Wimberley area youth as possible with this unique YAPI monthly community service event.

Contact Information

Search for YAPI Young Artist Performance Incubator on Facebook and “Like” YAPI and become a Fan of YAPI on Facebook.

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Rory Hancock (Age 13) &
Parker Crowley
Katy Fachorn  (Age 16)

Rory Hancock (Age 13)
Aaron Allsbrook
Aaron Van Nostrand

Rory Hancock (Age 13) &
Katy Fachorn  (Age 16)
Hunter (Age 12) &
Colin (Age 13)