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October 2005


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Age 12 and Under
Michael Schmidt, 11 – Played guitar with teacher, Bryan Weir, and audience sang
Savanna Stoltz, 8 – Played piano solos and duets with Brenda
Baily Datres, 9 – Played guitar with mother, Lucinda, and audience sang
Jay Butera, 10 – Played guitar with teacher, Bryan Weir, and audience sang
Jackson King, 9 – Played guitar with teacher, Bryan Weir, and audience sang
Olivia Clermont, 11 – Played guitar and sang
Jonathan Rolling, 7 and 364 days, played guitar with teacher, Bryan Weir, and audience sang
Clinton Quinn, 10 – Played guitar solos accompanied by Brenda on guitar

Age 13-19
No performers in this age category this month.

YAPI October Notes
It was great to have so many people come out and support the last YAPI at Idlewild before they move to San Marcos. Idlewild has been a great venue host for YAPI and we wish them the best in their new location in San Marcos on Wonder World Drive. However, that leaves YAPI homeless at the present time. It has been a great project and although the future of YAPI is unknown at this point, the endeavor has been totally worthwhile for ALL involved – performers and audience members. Thanks to all who have supported this community event.

YAPI September News
YAPI is looking for a new home – Criteria:
1) A family friendly environment
2) An alcohol free and smoke free environment appropriate for young people
3) Preferably a place open to the public free of charge to YAPI, participants, and audience members
4) Food service available because YAPI happens around dinner time – Healthy food service preferable
5) A good sized performance space that will accommodate a sound system (since that is one of the fun features of YAPI – Learning to perform with a sound system
6) Room to seat a large audience because YAPI tends to draw an average of 30 plus people
7) Indoor performance and seating space is a necessity to allow for cold weather but outdoor space for warmer weather is good as well

That’s not too much to ask, is it? ;-) A couple of suggestions have been made; however, Brenda is going for the ideal situation first. There is still hope that November YAPI will happen on November 3, the first Thursday in November, but the location is to be determined and announced.

If anyone has any ideas for a new YAPI location, please contact Brenda at BFreed1@earthlink.net or 512-847-1022. All ideas are being considered and all possibilities explored.

Thank you to ALL who have supported YAPI over the last 2 ½ years. Check here for details about the future of YAPI: www.brendafreed.com/yapi

Contact Information

Brenda Freed / BFreed Records
Email: bfreed1@earthlink.net
P.O. Box 1856
Blanco, TX 78606

Office Phone: 830-644-2351
Mobile Phone: 512-426-0301

Brenda on Facebook :http://www.facebook.com/brenda.freed1
Brenda on MySpace: http://www.myspace.com/theLaserTones

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Clinton Quinn
(Age 10)


Jay Burtera
(Age 10)

Michael Schmidt
(Age 11)



Olivia Clermont
(Age 11)

Savanna Stoltz
(Age 8)