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October 2004


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Age 12 and under
Jessica Wray, 10 – Played mandolin accompanied by siblings and peers
Rebekah Barecky, 11 – Played mandolin accompanied by siblings and peers, Played piano solos
Cema Tork, 10 – Played piano solos

Age 13-19
Daniel Barecky, 17 – Played fiddle accompanied by siblings and peers
Nathan Barecky, 15 – Performed guitar accompaniment for siblings and peers, Played electric guitar solos
Seth Wray, 16 – Performed guitar accompanied for siblings and peers
Hunter Wray, 15 – Played fiddle accompanied by siblings and peers
Ellen’s Brother - Ellen Flocke, 17, Allison Lockett, 17, Karl Flocke 13, Walker Pickens, 13 – Performed original material by Ellen Flocke
Dylan Meek, 13 – Performed piano solos (some original material)
Delissa Walsh, 16 – Played guitar and sang (original material) and sang accompanied by Brenda on piano
Sarah Braden, 16 – Played piano solo and sang and played piano
Jesse Chisholm, 13 – Played fiddle accompanied by peers
Divine Anarchy – Travis Reed, 14 on electric guitar and Tyler Turk, 15 on electric bass (original material)
Walker Pickens, 13 – Played piano and sang
Spensor Dodson, 14 – Played guitar and sang

YAPI October Notes
What a great turnout for October YAPI! It was great to have so many new performers including Jesse Chisholm, Daniel, Nathan and Rebekah Barecky, and Seth, Hunter and Jessica Wray (who all played in various combinations of guitar, mandolin and fiddle). Jessica played some piano solos as well.  Also new to the YAPI stage was a duo named Divine Anarchy who played some very groovy original tunes. Sarah Braden played some beautiful piano pieces, singing to one of them and Dylan Meek played piano including his own arrangements of some covers as well as an original composition. Ellen’s Brother ROCKED! Delissa Walsh’s voice sailed over the treetops as she sang her newest compositions. Walker Pickens sounded great on his piano/vocal songs and we welcomed back Cema Tork with a variety of expressive piano solos and Spensor Dodson, now SINGING while he plays guitar, who we hadn’t heard from in a while. It was really a fun evening.

A big thank you to Alex at Idlewild for being willing to keep Idlewild open for YAPI the first Thursday of every month when they are otherwise closing at 3 PM. A special thanks to Madonna Kimball from the Hill Country Sun and the Wimberley Guide for coming to hear the YAPI performances and for taking pictures. For those of you in the area, check out the feature story on YAPI in the Wimberley Guide and the mention of it in the October issue if the Hill Country Sun. Thank you Madonna and Allan Kimball.

YAPI October News
Weather permitting, November YAPI (Thursday, November 4) will be on the bigger stage behind Idlewild.  It means more space for performing. It can even accommodate small dance groups. Spread the word. Idlewild has asked for volunteers to decorate the new stage area and so far, 3 people have volunteered.  Please email Brenda at BFreed1@earthlink.net if any local young artists want to help decorate.

Please continue to spread the word about the Young Artist Performance Incubator. YAPI provides a safe and supportive environment for young people who want to share their talents and explore performing.  

If you are reading this and would like to be added to the YAPI email list, or if you know of anyone who would like to be added to this list, please email your/their name and email address to BFreed1@earthlink.net with “add to YAPI Mailing List” as the subject. Brenda will send 2 emails/month: YAPI email reminders and news following each YAPI.

Thank you for your support of this community event.

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Rebekah Barecky
(Age 11)

Divine Anarchy – Travis Reed (Age 14)
Tyler Turk (Age 15)*

Walker Pickens
(Age 13)

Jessica Wray (Age 10)
with Wrays & Bareckys

Ellen's Brother

Sarah Braden
(Age 16)

Spensor Dodson
(Age 14)*

Seth Wray (Age 16)
Nathan Barecky (Age 15)

Jesse Chisholm (Age 13)*
*Photos by Madonna Kimball

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