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September 2005


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Age 12 and Under
Savanna Stoltz, 9 – Played piano duets with Brenda
Olivia Clermont, 11 – Sang and played guitar, Sang accompanied by Brenda on piano
Hanna Whisenant, 11 – Sang and played guitar
McCoy Genfan, 11 – Recited original writings
Clinton Quinn, 10 – Played guitar solos accompanied by Brenda on guitar

Age 13-19
No performers in this age category this month.

YAPI September Notes
Thank you to all the young performers and their families who came out to September YAPI. It was a very supportive group, including many young people who came with their families just to listen. What a wonderful turnout after a two month summer YAPI break!

Thank you to all who helped roadie the equipment, and to Stacy Clermont, our very dependable photographer. Thanks to everyone who helps get the word out about YAPI. Your support is greatly appreciated!

You can support the YAPI community event by:

  1. Coming out to YAPI to perform the first Thursday of every month (if you are 19 and under)
  2. Encouraging or bringing a young performer to come perform at YAPI
  3. Coming to YAPI to listen to the performers and being a supportive audience member
  4. Encouraging other people to come listen to YAPI performers
  5. Volunteering to help with YAPI (photography, sign-up, carrying equipment etc.)
  6. Sponsoring an ad for YAPI

If anyone would like to volunteer to help with YAPI, or to sponsor an ad somewhere, please contact Brenda at BFreed1@earthlink.net or 512-847-1022. It would be cool if there could be one helper and one sponsor per month.

If you are reading this and would like to be added to the YAPI email list, or if you know of anyone who would like to be added to this list, please email your/their name and email address to BFreed1@earthlink.net with “add to YAPI Mailing List” as the subject. Brenda will send only YAPI email reminders and news following each YAPI.

YAPI September News
In August, YAPI hostess, Brenda Freed, was contacted by a woman from HBE-NS who was looking for an accomplished guitar player age 11 or under. She contacted Brenda after visiting the YAPI website. Word about YAPI is getting around and people are interested in young performers! The experience YAPI provides can be far reaching for these young performers on a personal level and on a more professional level.
Local musician and private music instructor, Bryan Weir, has volunteered to help with YAPI whenever he can. He was able to hear the end of the last YAPI and helped with the load out. Thanks to Bryan and we hope you can arrange your schedule so that you can be a part of YAPI.

YAPI provides a safe and supportive environment for young people who want to hone their skills, share their talents and explore performing. Thank you for your support of this community event. See ya’ll next YAPI, October 6, 2005!

Below is an excerpt from an interview Literati Magazine did with Brenda. Thank you to Roger Humes for having an interest in YAPI and for doing the interview.

Literati: Young Artists Performance Incubator Series: How long have you been doing it? What does the work involved entail? What are the rewards for you?

I’ve been teaching guitar, piano and voice privately since 1991. I started the Young Artist Performance Incubator (YAPI) in March of 2003 because many of my students wanted me to do more than one recital per year so that they could have more opportunity to perform. To avoid this I started calling around town looking for opportunities for them to perform like during intermissions of community theatre productions and stuff like that. That endeavor was so time consuming just trying to research who to call, I decided once a month I would create an event for them to perform. Because I knew there were many other young artists in the community, I decided to make it a community event and designate it an Open Mic for ages 19 and under.

The work involved is all self-induced because if I’m going to put energy into something, I like it to be good. The production is in 3 stages: 1) Pre-YAPI - getting it publicized in whatever publication will print it, putting up posters, sending a YAPI reminder to the mailing list and hauling the equipment there; 2) During YAPI - providing equipment that will make the event easy for young people such as a sound system, weighted-keyed full keyboard, music stand and stool, getting people signed up on the list, taking photos for the website, and 3) Post-YAPI – sending a post YAPI email newsletter, keeping the website current with pictures, lists of the performers and posting YAPI news and notes.

I regularly get help with the loading and unloading of equipment, with the photography during YAPI and with getting people signed up. One mother has purchased YAPI ads in the school newspaper a few times. The local publications have been great about listing it in their calendars of events and writing articles. I think my webmaster gives me a special deal on the website maintenance which is greatly appreciated.

Hosting YAPI has had many rewards for me. As I mentioned, my own students inspired me to start it because I was looking for a new way to inspire them to practice. It has been GREAT to see the results of that. There were only a few teenagers who wrote their own material when YAPI started. Now, most of the YAPI performers write and I really don’t have much to do with that. They have inspired each other. That has been fun to witness.

YAPI was intended to be a stepping stone for young performers to test out performing in a non-threatening environment. I have enjoyed watching these young performers grow as artists and many have gone on and performed other places since their first public performances at YAPI. One teen even went on to place 2nd in Garrison Keillor’s Prairie Home Companion Young Artist contest. It just feels good to know YAPI has inspired these young people to be creative.

I, personally, am inspired by these young performers. I hear the songs they are writing and see how their skills improve, and it makes me want to practice and write more. Every time I think about maybe quitting YAPI, more new people show up, or someone has written a new song, or learned an old one better. It’s these things that keep me motivated to continue.

Another musician in town has expressed interest in helping and if that happens, I’m hoping YAPI will become its own thing one day and live on without me actually having to be there. That’s the goal. AND, I have always thought youth needed a healthy, fun activity in the community independent of church and school. YAPI provides that.

The interview can be read in its entirety at: http://www.literati-magazine.com/magazine_features/fall05/soundbytes/brenda-freed.html

Contact Information

Brenda Freed / BFreed Records
Email: bfreed1@earthlink.net
P.O. Box 1856
Blanco, TX 78606

Office Phone: 830-644-2351
Mobile Phone: 512-426-0301

Brenda on Facebook :http://www.facebook.com/brenda.freed1
Brenda on MySpace: http://www.myspace.com/theLaserTones

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Savanna Stoltz
(Age 9)


Hanna Whisenant
(Age 11)


McCoy Genfan
(Age 11)



Olivia Clermont - guitar
(Age 11)


Clinton Quinn
(Age 10)


Olivia Clermont- singing
(Age 11)