YAPI Performers
June 2005


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Age 12 and Under
Ellie Mullins, 7 – Played violin accompanied by her mother, Maria

Age 13-19
Anna Pope, 14– Played piano and sang; played guitar and sang (some original material)
Lara Hardeman, 15 – Played guitar and sang (some original material)
Sharon McCully, 19 – Played guitar and sang
Taraka Larson, 18 – Played guitar and sang (original material)
Ellen Flocke, 18 – Played guitar with Taraka Larson (original material)
Michael Collins, 18 – Played piano with Taraka Larson (original material)

YAPI June Notes
Thank you to all the performers who came out to June YAPI. It was great to have a visit from ex-Wimberley-ite, now Florida resident, Taraka Larson, who brought local YAPI veteran, Ellen Flocke and Michael Collins, also from Florida. Thank you to the folks at Idlewild who helped roadie the equipment.

You can support the YAPI community event by:

  1. Coming out to YAPI to perform September 1 (if you are 19 and under)
  2. Encouraging or bringing a young performer to come perform at September YAPI
  3. Coming to YAPI to listen to the performers and being a supportive audience member

YAPI June News
There will be no YAPI in July or August. However, YAPI will resume in September. See you then and bring a friend.

If anyone would like to volunteer to help with YAPI, or to sponsor an ad somewhere, please contact Brenda at BFreed1@earthlink.net or 512-847-1022. It would be cool if there could be one helper and one sponsor per month.

If you are reading this and would like to be added to the YAPI email list, or if you know of anyone who would like to be added to this list, please email your/their name and email address to BFreed1@earthlink.net with “add to YAPI Mailing List” as the subject. Brenda will send only YAPI email reminders and news following each YAPI.

Please encourage age 19 and under performers to participate in the Young Artist Performance Incubator. YAPI provides a safe and supportive environment for young people who want to hone their skills, share their talents and explore performing.

Thank you for your support of this community event. See ya’ll next YAPI, September 1, 2005

Contact Information

Brenda Freed / BFreed Records
Email: bfreed1@earthlink.net
P.O. Box 1856
Blanco, TX 78606

Office Phone: 830-644-2351
Mobile Phone: 512-426-0301

Brenda on Facebook :http://www.facebook.com/brenda.freed1
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Ellie Mullins
(Age 7)
With Her Mother Maria


Laura Hardeman
(Age 15)


Sharon McCully
(Age 19)



Taraka Larson (Age 18)
Michael Collins (Age 18)


Taraka Larson College
(Age 18)


Taraka Larson (Age 18)
Ellen Flocke (Age 18)



Anna Pope, Guitar
(Age 14)

Anna Pope Collage
(Age 14)

Anna Pope, Piano
(Age 14)