YAPI Performers
March 2005


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Age 12 and Under
Alanna Meck, 12 – Sang to tape
Savanna Stoltz, 7 – Played piano duets with Brenda; played piano solos
Olivia Clermont, 11 – Played guitar and sang
Tayler Mcgill, 11 – Sang solos a cappella
Cema Tork, 10 – Played piano duets with Brenda; played piano solos

Age 13-19
Josh and Brandon, 14 – Played guitar and sang
Barbie Rox, 14 – played piano and sang (original material)
Lara Hardeman, 15 – played guitar and sang (original material)
Band Ensemble - Bryan Colca, 13 – Clarinet; Erick Bauman, 13 – Trumpet; Angie Holliday, 12 – Flute; Andy Barrett, 13 – Trumpet
Daniel Willis, 14 – Piano solos (original material)
Anna Pope, 14 – Played piano and sang; played guitar and sang (some original material)
Marybeth Carolan, 16 – played guitar and sang (some original material)
Wyatt Ellis, 14 – Played bass solos (original material)
Walker Pickens, 14 – Played piano and sang
Spencer Dodson, 14 – Played guitar and sang
Dylan Meek, 14 – Played piano solos

YAPI March Notes
The 2nd anniversary for the Young Artist Performance Incubator was BIG FUN! And the young artists played to a “standing room only” crowd. Five people performed in the 12 and under group and 15 people performed in the 13-19 age group. That is an all time record high number of performers at one YAPI! Although most performers are from the Wimberley, TX area, a few came from San Marcos for this YAPI. The whole evening was VERY entertaining. Five of the performers were first-time YAPI performers. Over the past 2 years 60 different people age 19 and under have participated in YAPI. Many have performed regularly.

In celebration of the 2nd Anniversary of YAPI, Idlewild and hostess, Brenda Freed, provided complimentary refreshments for the performers. Vicki Hartin and her husband Mark attended March YAPI to tape it to be shown on the public access channel in Austin, TX. They were amazed at the talent of these young people.

Thanks to Cynthia and Walker Pickens who sponsored YAPI by covering the cost of a YAPI ad in the Texan Times, the Wimberley High School paper. Thanks to Stacy Clermont who took the YAPI photos once again. Thanks to Ellen Flocke for getting people signed up and to Lara Hardeman who helped. Thanks to all those who had a hand in helping with equipment.

YAPI March News
The 2005 YAPI award for the person who embraced the YAPI spirit the most in the past 12 months went to two people: Olivia Clermont (11) and Allison Lockett (18). These two people have attended the event consistently, performed regularly, brought other people to YAPI, helped with equipment and have embraced the non-competitive, supportive spirit of YAPI. They were each awarded a guitar stand. Congratulations to Olivia and Allison!

Lara Hardeman will be representing YAPI in the upcoming 4th Annual Youthfest, April 2nd, 5:15-5:40 in San Marcos. Congratulations to Lara for being brave and signing herself up. You Go, Girl!

If anyone would like to volunteer to help with YAPI in April or any other month, or to sponsor an ad somewhere, please contact Brenda at BFreed1@earthlink.net or 512-847-1022. It would be cool if there could be one helper and one sponsor per month.

If you are reading this and would like to be added to the YAPI email list, or if you know of anyone who would like to be added to this list, please email your/their name and email address to BFreed1@earthlink.net with “add to YAPI Mailing List” as the subject. Brenda will send only YAPI email reminders and news following each YAPI.

Please encourage age 19 and under performers to participate in the Young Artist Performance Incubator. YAPI provides a safe and supportive environment for young people who want to hone their skills, share their talents and explore performing.

Thank you for your support of this community event. See ya’ll next YAPI, April 7.

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Dylan Meek
(Age 14)

Alanna Meck
(Age 12)

Band Ensemble

Savanna Stoltz
(Age 7)

Cema Tork
(Age 10)

Daniel Willis
(Age 14)

Josh & Brandon
(Age 14)

Lara Hardeman
(Age 15)

Marybeth Carolan
(Age 16)

Olivia Clermont
(Age 11)

Spencer Dodson
(Age 14)

Tayler Mcgill
(Age 11)

Anna Pope
(Age 14)

Anna Pope
(Age 14)

Walker Pickens
(Age 14)

Wyatt Ellis
(Age 14)