YAPI Performers
March 2004


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Age 12 and Under
Jeffery Doherty, 10, Played guitar and audience sang
Jonathon Doherty 10, Piano solo
Claire Abbott, 8, Piano duets with Brenda
Cema Tork, 10, Piano solos
Jesse Loeb, 7, Piano duets with Brenda
Sydney Uroda, 10, Sang solos accompanied by Brenda
Olivia Clermont, 10, Sang and played guitar
Paris Brady, 5, Sang accompanied by Brenda
Bryan Colca, 12, Clarinet solos

Age 13-19
Jordon Mallory, 17, Played guitar and sang (some original)
Megan Nicholson, 19, Sang a cappella
Ryan Rawls, 17, Played tenor saxophone solos
Anna Pope, 13, Sang accompanied by Brenda
Lara Hardeman, 14, Played guitar and sang (all original)
Duo - "Ellen's Brother" - (Original Material)
     Ellen Flocke, 17, Played guitar and sang (all original)
     Allison Lockett, 17, Played bass
Walker Pickens, 13,  Played piano solos and played paino and sang
Harry Tork, 13, Trumpet solo
Delissa Walsh, 16, Sang accompanied by Brenda

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Jeffery Doherty
(Age 10)

Jonathon Doherty
(Age 10)

Clair Abbott
(Age 8)

Cema Tork
(Age 10)

Jesse Loeb
(Age 7)

Sydney Uroda
(Age 10)

Olivia Clermont
(Age 10)

Paris Brady
(Age 5)

Bryan Colca
(Age 12)

Jordon Mallory
(Age 17)

Megan Nicholson
(Age 19)

Ryan Rauls
(Age 17)

Anna Pope
(Age 13)

Lara Hardeman
(Age 14)

"Ellen's Brother"
Ellen Flocke & Allison Lockett
(Age 17)               (Age 17)

Walker Pickens
(Age 13)

Harry Tork
(Age 13)

Delissa Walsh
(Age 16)

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