YAPI Performers
February 2005


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Age 12 and Under
Olivia Clermont, 11 – Sang and played guitar
Taylor McGeill, 11 – Sang songs
Cema Tork, 10 – Played piano solos and a duet with Brenda
Clinton Quinn, 9 – Played guitar and the audience sang

Age 13-19
Lara Hardeman, 15 – Sang and played guitar (some original)
Delissa Walsh, 16 – Sang and played guitar (all original)
Wyatt Ellis, 14 – Played bass solos (all original)
Band Ensemble - Bryan Colca, 13 – Clarinet, Erick Bauman, 13 – Trumpet, Angie Holliday, 12 – Flute, Jared Clarkson, Band Instructor on Trumpet
Bryan Colca, 13 – Clarinet solos
Erick Bauman, 13 – Trumpet solo
Angie Holliday, 12 – Flute solo

YAPI February Notes

WOW! What a great YAPI night! The whole upstairs of Idlewild was filled with performers and listeners! Everyone did such a great job. It was great to have a room to accommodate this turnout. Yes, I think the new Idlewild location is working out just fine!

We had several new performers including many people from the Wimberley school band including YAPI veteran, Bryan Colca, who brought his band ensemble: Angie Holliday, Erick Bauman and Mr. Clarkson who sat in for a missing member. It was great to have the band directors from the Wimberley school there. A big “THANK YOU” to Mr. Bingham and Mr. Clarkson for their support of YAPI. Please continue to encourage your band members to participate in YAPI!

Congratulations to Bryan Colca for bringing in the most new performers. He received the complimentary pizza from Idlewild for his efforts. Thank you, Alex, for donating the pizza and thank you to Ellen Flocke and all others who helped with equipment.  

It was a pleasure to hear newcomer Wyatt Ellis on the electric bass. Anyone who thinks bass solos can’t be interesting will change their minds after hearing Wyatt, who as promised to return. Yeah!

Thank you to Cynthia Pickens who sponsored a YAPI ad in the Feb. Wimberley Texan school newspaper. If anyone would like to volunteer to help with YAPI, or sponsor an ad somewhere, please contact Brenda at BFreed1@earthlink.net or 512-847-1022. It would be cool if there could be one helper and one sponsor per month. A photographer is especially needed. Brenda would provide the camera if someone would volunteer to take pictures of each performer. Volunteers are also needed to get people signed up on the email list and help get consent forms completed. 

The email list did not get passed around at the Feb. YAPI and there were many new performers and new people in the audience. If you were there and know of people who would have wanted on the list to receive announcements about YAPI events, please email their name and email address to: BFreed1@earthlink.net. 

YAPI February News

Thank you to webmaster, Roger Humes, Electrato Graphics, for being so efficient! Feel free to check out lists and pictures of past performers found there as well.

ANOTHER PERFORMANCE OPPORTUNITY: The Greater San Marcos Youth Council is sponsoring an event called the 4th Annual Youthfest, in the San Marcos Plaza by the river in San Marcos, TX, April 2, 2005, 10am-9pm. There will be music all day long by youth in the community. YAPI performers and any other young performers in the community have been invited to participate.  Brenda is compiling a list from this area. Please let her know if you would like to be on it. The deadline for getting on the list is March 1.

The next YAPI will be the first Thursday in March, March 3rd. Please mark your calendars. It will be the 2 Year Anniversary of YAPI! This will be a very special event. Please continue to spread the word about the Young Artist Performance Incubator. YAPI provides a safe and supportive environment for young people who want to share their talents and explore performing.  

You are receiving this email because you have signed up on the YAPI mailing list, expressed an interest in YAPI, or someone else has signed you up thinking you might be interested. If you wish to be removed from this list, all you have to do is say SO. If you know of anyone who would like to be added to this list, please email your/their name and email address to BFreed1@earthlink.net with “add to YAPI Mailing List” as the subject. Brenda will send approximately 2 emails/month: YAPI email reminders and news following each YAPI.

Thank you for your continued support of this community event.


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Angie Holliday
(Age 12)

Byran Colca
(Age 13)

Cema Tork
(Age 10)

Clinton Quinn
(Age 9 )

Band Ensemble

Delissa Walsh
(Age 16)

Erick Bauman
(Age 13)

Lara Hardeman
(Age 15)

Wyatt Ellis
(Age 14)