YAPI Two Year Anniversary
March 3, 2005


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The Young Artist Performance Incubator (YAPI) celebrated its two year anniversary March 3, 2005, 6:15 pm-9:30pm at Idlewild Gourmet Deli & Pizzeria in Wimberley, Texas. Complimentary refreshments were served and Allison Locket (18) and Olivia Clermont (10) were both awarded a 2005 YAPI Award. They were chosen as the YAPI participants who, over the last year, have embraced the YAPI spirit the most by consistently participating in and helping with the monthly event, and also encouraging others to attend as well as to participate. Allison and Olivia were each awarded a guitar stand.  ACTV videotaped the event to be shown on the Austin local television station this spring. 

Olivia Clermont
Allison Lockett 2005 YAPI Award Winner
Ellen Flocke 2004 YAPI Award Winner

YAPI Two Year Anniversary

March 3, 2005

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