Brenda Freed - Until Daylight

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"Her first album, Until Daylight, is packed full of original songs that display just what a fine artist this lady is....The whole record is first-class and I urge that you give it a listen!"
- Tony Vines, Star Magazine, Ipswich, England

Until Daylight (1998) is co-produced by Brenda Freed and Merel Bregante, who also played drums and percussion on the recording. In addition to Brenda Freed on vocals and rhythm guitar, other performers on the CD include Val Roessling, Jon Inmon, David Hammond, Casper Rawls (guitar), Thad Beckman (harmonica), Gerry Burns, JB Braden and David Carroll (bass), Gene Elders (violin), and Mike Cross, Jacqui Cross and Betty Elders (background vocals). The album has 12 original songs that Brenda co-wrote with various collaborators including Val Roessling, Linda Sririo, Bob Clark, Suzanne Chesshire and John Row (English poet/storyteller).