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Val Roessling is a native Texan who started playing baritone ukelele at the age of ten and graduated to an electric guitar when he turned twelve. At seventeen he was playing rock and roll cover material at regular local gigs. A year later that group recruited a keyboard player from a band called Union Jack. They kept the keyboard player and the name. Union Jack was recorded for Swingtime, a local television program. The band made a name for themselves co-billing with Bubble Puppy, Sweet Smoke, and several other popular bands. The highlight of the Union Jack era was when they were co-billed with ZZ Top in 1969.

Sex, drugs and rock and roll led Roessling to retire from playing publicly for the next 25 years, although he played guitar daily with the philosophy of “understudying everyone’s playing and emulating no one.” Roessling has a never-ending curiosity; questioning and analyzing technique, tone and application. Attention to detail is his forte.

And detail is what Roessling wanted to add to the music of Brenda Freed when he heard her perform in 1995. The two formed a duo, played all over Texas, and toured England and the Midwest several times. In the 6 years as a team, Roessling and Freed co-wrote several songs; many are recorded on the two CD’s they released as well as Freed’s solo album.

Following the life of the duo, Roessling emersed himself in yet more detail; setting up an extensive studio where he has recorded his current music endeavors, the Holy Ground Christian Church Praise Team and The Amazing Quitters. He composes music on the original material of both groups which perform regularly locally.

With his studio, Jackalope, Roessling and his techno-partner, Michael Byrne, are capable of recording just about anything with state of the art technology, including the ability to do live recordings on location. They conspire to keep one another from “fixing things that ain’t broke.”

Roessling will continue his writing, arranging, engineering and producing and aspires to have other people record songs he has co-written. Although, having serious fun playing guitar and recording great music are top priority for Roessling.