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Bob Jones grew up in the Rio Grande Valley in South Texas and started performing in the late 60’s and played all over Texas. He started writing in 1970 and has since been writing and performing his own material. He specializes in the story song, basing much of his material on personal experience.

In 1978, Jones, AKA Melvin Potter, recorded a single, She’s Too Ugly For Me, which was played extensively in juke boxes in the Rio Grande Valley. In 1979, health problems interrupted his performing career. He did not perform publicly for the next ten years.

However, the writing continued and other people performed and kept his original material alive. Among them are Wimberley, Texas singer/songwriter, JB Braden, and James Williams and the Williams Brothers in Nashville, Tennessee.

In 1991, Jones suffered a stroke and his writing came to a halt. But 3 years later, inspired by the opportunity to perform again at a singer/songwriter showcase in the Texas Hill Country hosted by his good friend, Braden, he resurrected his songs, started writing again, and performing at the weekly showcase. Currently, he is focused on the writing only.

In 2003, Jones, assisted by Braden, recorded 15 of Jones’ songs on a CD, Story Singer. Because Jones is not currently performing, he aspires to have other people record his songs. As Jones puts it, “I’ve never been in it for the money, but I would accept money for my songs.”

Bob Jones has had a rough 2006 suffering a massive heart attack and undergoing open heart surgery.   Despite these physical challenges he holds on to his dream of getting his songs out to the world.