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Moondance Treasures Music Publishing (MTMP), the publishing branch of Creative Moondance Treasures (CMT), Inc., seeks to:

  • Promote Effortless Music Instruction and related products
  • Promote the music of talented, unrecognized songwriters and performers
  • Provide a channel that will reward songwriters for their music
  • Conduct business so that all parties benefit fairly

In 2006, CMT hosted a showcase room for MTMP at the North American Folk Music and Dance Alliance Conference in Austin, Texas for the first time.  The CMT Showcase Room featured 46 artists over 4 days to an audience of radio personnel, concert promoters, talent buyers, artist managers and musicians.  The CMT Showcase Room was described as having a “good vibe” by both performers and audience members, and was often cited as one of the best unofficial showcase rooms.   See below for a photo album for the 2006 CMT Folk Alliance Performers.

The 2006 CMT Showcase room was such a success that the company hosted an authorized private Showcase room at the 2007 and 2008 North American Folk Music and Dance Alliance Conferences in Memphis, TN.  See the links below for photos of the CMT Showcase artists:

In 2008, MTMP released the first in a line of Effortless Music Instruction products by Brenda Freed: Effortless Singing with Brenda Freed – A Vocal Instruction Course.

In 2009, Effortless Music Reading Measure Cards Set 1 by Brenda Freed was released by MTMP.

In 2011, MTMP released Effortless Harmony Singing with Brenda Freed – A Vocal Harmony Instruction Course.

Effortless Beginning Piano Playing by Brenda Freed is projected to be released in 2012, a book designed to complement the Effortless Music Reading Measure Cards.   

Contact Information:

Brenda Freed, President
Moondance Treasures Music Publishing
P.O. Box 1856
Blanco, TX 78606

Office Phone: 830-644-2351
Mobile Phone: 512-426-0301